Los Feliz Burglary, Sexual Assault Suspect Sought

Police hope to release a composite sketch shortly.

Police are seeking a man who targets single women in Los Feliz for burglaries and, sometimes, sexual assaults.

The Los Angeles Police Department issued a community alert Wednesday after detectives linked 13 burglaries together, according to the CBS/KCAL9 website.

The man also many have committed as many as three sexual assaults during the burglaries, while the women slept.

The crimes began in March.

They occurred in the rectangle formed by Los Feliz Boulevard, Seneca Avenue, Riverside Drive and Griffith Park Boulevard.

The suspect is said to target single, working women who live alone. He enters their homes or apartments through unlocked doors and windows.

In some cases, the man has stolen jewelry, cash, computers and even the victims’ underwear, according to CBS/KCAL9.

The LAPD alert gives this suspect information:


DESCENT: Hispanic

HEIGHT: 5’7”-5’10”

WEIGHT: 160-180 lbs.

AGE: 25-35 years old

ADDITIONAL: Mustache, dark complexion and slim build.

Those with information can contact detectives Danetta Menifee and Blanca Lopez at the Special Assault Section, Robbery-Homicide Division, at (213) 486-6910, during regular business hours

Police hope to release a composite sketch shortly.

Leonor Lizardo October 03, 2012 at 12:49 AM
I got back from the bay area last week and my sister who lives in Moreno Valley called to let me know about this suspect in my area of Los Feliz. Since last week I have been closing all my windows and I am worried about my personal safety. I live alone and until this man is caught it has shaken my peace of mind
Anthea Raymond October 03, 2012 at 12:56 AM
@Leonor-I am sorry to hear this. I am sure there are others who feel like you, especially in this hot weather that encourages open doors and windows. AR


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